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[The network has been rather silent for a while, but it looks like Rakka is going to change that, as a new post comes up, out of the blue.]

Hey network! It's Rakka with a general question for all of you!
When was the last time you got an echo?
You don't have to tell me what it is or what it was about!! I just want to know how soon it was.
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Who: Lazarus, Nathan and Micah
What: Three adult orphans decide to be each others' family for Christmas by going to midnight mass.
Where: A Catholic church in Christchurch
When: December 24-25

Make no mistake, I know just what it takes to pull a man's soul back from Heaven's gates )
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The hardest part of Christmas, when you and your partner can teleport at will, is finding interesting gifts. )

That's what convinces her to make a short post to the network, right at the end of the month, and after they've had some time to explore New LA. It's nothing special, shot from a hotel not far from where one or two other people she knows are Numbered are staying. "Hi, everyone," she starts, calm and collected and a little cheery. "I know things have been kind of rough, and Christmas is soon, so... I thought it would be a good time to do a little shopping in a kind of special place, and it'll be a fun chance to hang out and let loose for a little bit, too. So, um!"

She pauses a second, clapping her hands in front of her while she gets her thoughts in line. She's digging into her memories a little bit; a couple other things happening around that time dulled a couple of the less-critical things. "I don't know if anyone remembers, back when our investigation turned to Neuschwanstein Castle and its surrounding area, but in the middle of everything, we took a little side trip, outside the boundary. Ms. Bonbright, an ally after some previous events, chartered a bus for us to go to the Christmas Market, in Nuremberg. It was a fun trip, and it was a really nice place... and I think it might be high time for us to go back. The time's right, and it shouldn't be too crowded yet - or too cold." She laughs softly. "Since certain people I know aren't fans of anything a sensible person might want a sweatshirt for.

"Anyway, I'd like to go back. And since there's no teleporter, and we can't exactly take a bus from any of our usual haunts, I think I'll just force the issue. We'll open up a portal, with the Heartcatch Mirage. And that'll be how we get there. If anyone wants to come, let me know - we can meet up, or I can swing by and get you before we go. Without the barriers, it'll be a little bit more of an interesting trip, and less disorienting, so..." Winter smiles softly. "I say we make some memories, since there isn't anything that can take them away from us. And I can get my last-minute gift shopping done, too. Being able to just drop small loads off at home freely is a big help. It'll just be a day trip, not that teleportation is bound by mundane things like time or traffic. Anyone that wants to come is welcome, though I know I'd like some company myself, so... I hope to hear from you soon!" She waves lightly as she cuts the feed.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Toys all over the streets, covering the square... )
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[This time the background is outside with a backdrops of trees at night, with the wind rustling by and Mina in a purple winter coat.]

At least I got my phone back. So, how do I get my hands on a weapon? I sneak out now and then when I'm sure my parents won't notice me gone, and I've gotten good at it, but I could use something decent. Killing zombies with a golf club took way too long, not that I want to fight them again because they're just gross. But a knife or a sword or something would be nice for stuff like monsters and dinosaurs. And something for when I want to just beat someone up not kill them, because it'd be messed up if I killed people. Not that I plan to beat up people, but all sorts of freaky stuff keep happening and you never know what might happen.
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[The voice of Molly Anderson once again greets the network, .]

Ah...! Hello again, everyone! I know it's been a while since I last made a post on the Network, and I realize a lot has probably gone on. I'm sorry for everything I missed, and if there's any way I can help with any of the trouble people have been having, I want to do so!

[Molly laughs, sounding more than a bit nervous.]

I didn't really say anything about this to everyone before, just a couple people, but... I've been talking with my aunt a lot. About being a Numbered, I mean. She's still nervous about a lot that has to do with it, and... W-well, I'm still not sure how she feels about everything, but she knows I'm a Numbered now, and that's good! She's okay with me doing the superhero thing, too, for a while.

... I guess now I've said that, I should introduce myself by my other name! I'm also Cure Heart, a magical girl, and I want to fight to protect everybody! And I guess that means leaving Locke sometimes! I'm ready to do that now!


[Her voice grows quieter for the moment.]

I've moved around a lot, but I've never done it on my own. And honestly it's pretty scary. A lot of you have moved all over the world, right? I was wondering if anyone had any advice...
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Who: Marina, a dragon, and you.
What: Just chatting
Where: A beach not too far from Shepherd's Haven
When: December 13

and frolicked in the shallow coast off a land called New Zealand )
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Who: Rakka and Raye
What: The aftermath of the Shepard's Haven attack has raised... some concerns.
Where: Shepherd's Haven, Rakka and Raye's house
When: Sometime in the afternoon, the 5th

but where is that, then? )
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[The feed shows a pale young man with a scarred mouth and a bald head, mostly recovered from his recent injuries. He's posting this from what appears to be a run-down gas station bathroom, where the tiles are water-damaged and there's at least one visible leaking pipe in the frame.]

I d-didn't talk about this before. I was scared. I always was k-kind of a coward.

But there's something I gotta say.

It's my fault Damon came to Shepherd's Haven. I challeneged him to a fight when he was being mean, long time ago, and forgot about it. I wanna stay and help rebuild, like they said we need to, b-but I decided that I needed to leave. I'm in New L.A. now. Weird things are happening here, you guys know all about that. But it's a better place for me in case he wants to come back and knock the snot out of me again. I got my bike, a lot of road and space. Working on getting a job.

Anyway. Sorry I couldn't be a better Numbered. You all deserve so much better.
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The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

Lazarus. The Old Testament isn't really my thing, but didn't Moses talk to a burning bush? You know, instead of trying to become one? Better luck next time.

Misa, take heart, even if your relationship doesn't survive this, I happen to know for a fact that there is a market for decent-looking girls with gnarly-looking burns. A movie market, if you know what I mean. Look up if you want to see that I'm not messing with you and the industry is really taking off right now.

New guy? Or girl. Whatever. Blondie. You should think about getting in on that as well, with that mug of yours. That's some Phantom of the Opera shit right there. Did you fight fires with your face? That's kind of ill-advised isn't it?

Nathan, I know you're not going to talk to me. Much easier to hide. Don't worry. I understand.

Alexandra, are you 18 yet? I know you'll want to toast this with me. Maybe somewhere with a scenic overview. What do you say?

Rakka, how are those hot wings coming along? I heard that tears add some extra zesty seasoning.

Hey Tony. How much more useless can you get? I'd take some pointers from your doppelganger. Props, he knows how to get shit done. Well and extra crispy if you know what I mean.

Listen to my jokes, I'm on fire today! Too soon? Blow me.
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Who: Lazarus, Micah and Nathan
Where: Christchurch Hospital
When: November 24, Tuesday
What: Lazarus is finally leaving the hospital which means that it's finally a good time for visitors, including one very relevant to him he has yet to meet.
Status: Closed

Fucked-Up American Boys )


Nov. 22nd, 2015 09:41 pm
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[This is not the first time this particular desk and view to kill, or this particular serious-looking secretary, has appeared on the network. But she's looking visibly more run-down than usual as she comes onto the feed. Everything is sharp and precise as always, but there's a certain fatigue in her features that contributes to the overall feeling of just being tired. When she speaks, though, her voice as as composed as always.]

Hello, everyone. I apologize for the delay in getting to this; we - that is, Factor Industries - have been working to ensure our response is coordinated and positive before we moved on any of our plans, and they're complete enough now that I can update you on the situation. Before anything else, I'd like to start by mentioning that we're very much aware of the situation in Shepherd's Haven, to say nothing of the one in New Los Angeles. I'll come back to the latter shortly, but I want to address the first point. We've done some initial investigations into the condition of the village, and into the attack itself. We're confident that everything can be restored to a livable state, though getting the resources together will be difficult, and getting them to the site moreso.

[A quick glance away; she must have notes.] Beyond the material damages, several Numbered were injured that we know of; they were taken to a nearby hopsital for treatment, and Mr. Factor is personally seeing that their needs are taken care of. The human element is, honestly, more worrying than the damage itself - while details are unclear on the whole, the rumors that one of the Numbered is the responsible party are hard to shake. We're committed to the project regardless, but it's concerning, based on the data available to us.

To that end, our current plans call for making contractors available to work that are trustworthy; the summer is very much on its way in that region, so work should be able to proceed smoothly once hands are available. The Numbered played a large part in getting Shepherd's Haven up and running in the first place, but there are certain talents few, if any, among you possess - I'm not sure I've met a licensed electrician, for example. I, myself, would be much more comfortable having a certified person on hand for that kind of work. Materials of good quality are similarly something Mr. Factor is prepared to help locate, in at least some quantity, for the most damaged structures. But the workmanship itself... [A short pause, a tiny frown.] Shepherd's Haven was built by all of you, as a Numbered community. Factor Industries may have had a hand in its construction, but we never took over the project. In order to maintain its continued independence, we believe it's best for the Numbered to continue to maintain the village and perform those construction tasks amongst themselves.

The reason for that largely lies in, generally, the kind of attitude the Numbered have toward situations like this. Often, there's a response when something happens, and the community unites against whatever the assailant was. That kind of unity is what's needed now. From the outside, it looks very much like one of the Numbered wanted to go on a crime spree against several of the others. And their efforts succeeded in a very real way. The sentiment on the network has been largely negative, from what I've seen, and that worries me - worries all of us. The strength in the face of adversity that the Numbered have displayed over the last several years, when everyone is working together, is truly impressive. That strength is something that needs to be brought to bear now, in a dark hour, to rally everyone behind a common banner. This crisis is simply another trial to be overcome, and the way to do that is through teamwork and solidarity. [After a second, Sonia smiles slightly.] I'm aware it's easy for me to sit here and preach these things to you, but I also know that the combined strength of the Numbered is enough to combat any threat, any time, any place. I believe, and Mr. Factor agrees, that the best way to address this incident is to acknowledge it, accept it, and move past it as a stronger community.

[Back to business, as her face slides back into a practiced non-expression.] Beyond that, I did want to briefly touch on the incident in New Los Angeles. We are aware there are monsters in the city, but we are also aware that there's a Numbered presence in the city as well, so for the moment, the company's stance is to maintain a "wait and see" approach. There's very little information to go on right now, so we can't do anything more concrete on that end. If something comes up, we'll be keeping an eye on the situation. We're keeping a close eye on Numbered politics in general at the moment; after the charity event in Locke City last month, we've noticed a more positive response in Locke itself both to the Numbered and to Factor Industries, which is good on a number of levels. Mr. Factor would like to extend his thanks to everyone that spoke at the event, and to everyone that came out - your presence was appreciated, and it was good to meet a few more of you in person. I can't promise another event like that any time soon, but it was something that we're not averse to doing again, since it was beneficial to all relevant parties.

[With a small sigh, and a tiny nod to herself, she turns her attention completely back to the camera.] That's all for now. If there are any particular questions, I'd be happy to answer what I can; time is a little shorter than usual today, as there's a lot that needs to be done. But this affects me, too. I'll do what I can to help. Good luck in your endeavors. [The camera cuts off.]
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Who: Phillip and representative of United Studios
Where: The United Studios building
When: 11/20ish or thereabouts
What: Phillip's been going to a lot of call backs for a TV role, and this is the final one!
Status: Closed

welcome to united studios )
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[It's fairly dark when the video feed turns on, but Micah's face can still be clearly seen from the close-up angle of the camera on his phone, illuminated by incidental light from the street. He doesn't look especially happy, but - well, he never does, does he.

Micah glances up from the camera, mouth pressed into a thin line, then the view from the feed flips up and over to reveal a howling greyscale wolfman in tattered clothing bounding down the street a ways off in the distance.]

In case anyone was wondering, it's not special effects.
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Who: Winter and Lily
Where: Paris
When: 11/19 or so
What: The best way to unwind and recharge is to go on a vacation. It'll be a good excuse for a date. Winter feels like she hasn't had one of those in a while.
Status: Closed

How about we go for a walk? )
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Who: Amelia and Celine
What: Carnival Date!
Where: A carnival in Germany
When: October 19
Status: Closed

Read more... )
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[Instead of the usual obvious selfie video, the video seems to have a perspective from a position on a dresser covered with makeup supplies. It provides a view of an extremely pink and girly room behind Mina.]

...I got grounded. For messing up my dad's golf club and for 'putting myself in danger'. They took away my phone, too, so I had to write my number on a mirror. Someone talk to me. I'm bored.
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[A - Network Video : Open]

[Lily appears on the Network, brushing her hair back as she nods to the camera.]

Alright, this is a bit overdue, but here goes.

Last month, a number of monsters appeared in places. At a time when all sorts of other things were appearing, but a number of them were related directly to... ah. Us. I figure it's our due diligence to give people a rundown of what was what, in the event something like this happens again.

First at the beginning of the month, there was a ... [Her mouth quirks and she frowns.] Monster in the form of a letter. This was called a "Desertrian." They were the kinds of creatures my past life's team, Heartcatch Precure, battled. It ran all across Locke City and induced some circumstantial collateral damage.

Shortly after, there was a giant. Well. Carrot. It appeared near our house in Locke City. It's called a "Jikochuu" or "Selfish." It was battled by Winter's past life with the Dokidoki Precure. Luckily it didn't get far, so it was unable to cause much destruction.

Likewise, a group of minions the Heartcatch Precure battled also appeared. They're called Snackies, and... well. Jasmine's past life, Dark Precure, would have commanded them. As such, she seems to have them in line. [Her head tilts to one side and she sighs.] More or less.

Beyond that, is where things get murky.

One night, Jasmine caught wind of something causing a ruckus in the Phoenix District of Locke City. It was a girl in black who had attacked randomly during the dinosaur incident, with a creature formed of what appeared to be one of the pink snakes. She called it a "Nakewameke." The thing is, I am... fairly certain that these too are monsters meant to be fought by a Precure. They can be cleansed just as the others are, even if... I know nothing about this girl or her monsters.

[Another sigh. She pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose.]

More complicated, she was attacking a facility owned by Thunder Corporation. What came to its defense was a group of armored soldiers like I haven't... seen before. They seemed to come from inside the warehouse but I'm not sure beyond that.

[A shake of her head.]

Lastly, is where things get really complicated. There were a number of... well, "locks" that seemed to be cropping up everywhere, capable of locking people's dreams, using them as a battery for... well. They all shouted "Zetsuborg" all the time so I have to guess that's what they are.

The only thing I'm certain of with that is...

[Her posture seems to straighten up a little, her expression growing a lot more tense.]

Cure Twinkle. You and I need to talk.

Find the spot where you first met Winter - my wife and Cure Diamond. I will be there tonight after 8PM Central.

[She relaxes a slight bit, but only a little.]

That's about it for now. Winter and I are going to take a look at the incidents in New L.A. Since that seems to be a whole other problem, now. If you have any other questions, I'll do what I can to answer them. As well, if you end up seeing any creatures like this in the future? Please, contact us. Precure are basically made to handle these things.

B - Action : Closed to Kirara )


Nov. 8th, 2015 10:05 pm
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[Jasmine's face appears on the network, with a serious expression. She frowns, and crosses her arms.]

So, I saw a message I couldn't reply to. It didn't have any answers, so I'm guessing the same is true of everyone else. And part of me wonders if certain people can't see it.

They mentioned that a device was moved to New Los Angeles, and it was warped and hard to read. Which makes me wonder if it's like that one message we got from that informant. But he was supposed to be dead.


I kind of feel led around by the nose, but with those freaks on the news, I want to investigate. I'll probably get the Snackies on the job too, if I can figure out how to get them through the teleporter. I know everyone's still reeling from things but... I can't ignore something like this, especially if that thing that can potentially find us is involved.

... Yeah. That's all I guess.
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[On Sunday evening, after the information about the monsters has been covered by the media, a post appears on the network, visible only to a few specific people.]

The̴ ̨de̢v̀ic͠e͜ h̀a͡s bee͞n͘ ̶m͘o̵ve͢d.͟ ͞Ņe̛w͟ Lo̷s A͠ngelȩs.̨ ̀Níg͢h̨tm̨a͏res.̨

[This is all that can be seen, and anyone who attempts to reply to it will find they cannot.]

[Meanwhile, those who chose to accept Thunder Corp's request and didn't throw it back in their faces either immediately or at a later date, would receive an audio player in a physical package. It would play only a single bit of sound, along with arrangements for accommodations at one of the city's admittedly low quality residence centers.]

It is time for you to honor your commitment to Thunder Corp. There is a phenomena occurring in New Los Angeles. You are to go there and observe. We will request information on what you witnessed there at a later date. Accommodations have been arranged for you. We expect discretion and for you to act on your own in this matter.

[Those who take the opportunity will find that their admission at said residency is indefinite. It will also provide them with three square meals, but, again, don't expect anything super fancy..]

[ooc - Do not reply to this post. This is simply to point certain characters in certain directions. The first part is visible to you if you signed up several months ago to receive information as an informant, while the other would only occur if you accepted Thunder Corp's offer and never refused them later.

You can post about it yourself, however, but keep in mind, if you want to keep in Thunder's good graces, they prefer discretion.]
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New Los Angeles. A city that was a shell of its former self. While Locke City, on the other end of the continent, had mostly risen from the ashes, Los Angeles as still a ruin and home to those few people who had managed to escape the destruction that devastated half of their country. Lawlessness and corruption ruled the streets, between both the groups of criminals and the military that kept the peace.

But it seemed things were finally beginning to change, here. Construction was going on in the heart of the city, which brought jobs. The governing body seemed to have a task that they could build towards, instead of simply chafing against the might of general Miller. It seemed that with this, that even with much work to be done, the long nightmare was soon to be over.

... At least, that's what it seemed like, until October ended.

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make. )

[OOC: Please refer to the plot post for any details and specifics for the event, and the beastiary for any details on the Vermedi/Vermini.

If you would like to request a mod to npc a monster for you, simply put in a request in the thread below!]


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