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A year ago, the Numbered saved the Earth. When threatened, the embodiment of the Earth itself awakened the powers of their previous lives, and together, they staved off an invasion that would have wiped out all life on the planet. Thanks to them, and the power of the Earth's guardians, the nations of the world have a chance to rebuild. Once confined to echo boundaries, the Numbered can now exist all over the world, with more and more awakening as time goes on.

But the story is not yet over.

Some members of the public, unknowing of the true role the Numbered played in determining Earth's fate, have turned their opinion against the Numbered, while others have come to look upon them with awe. Threats both old and new aim to take advantage of the vulnerable state society is in. And what's more, a new lifeform has appeared on the Earth in the form of unidentified microbes; their origins unknown, only that they come from "beyond". These threats await both old and new Numbered alike. And in the end, humanity's fate will be either to rise... or fall.

Raise the Earth is a panfandom AU game set in modern-day Earth, in the aftermath of an alien invasion. Characters are reincarnated from the souls of people from worlds long gone, and gain powers, items, and memories from their "preincarnations". The game has a strong mod-run plot, with lots of space for player plots. RtE tends toward frequent action and opportunity for characters to investigate the world around them, but also leaves room for slice of life elements. Reserves open July 1st, and applications open July 8th; once they’re live, they’re kept open all the time. The game opens on July 25th!
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